Fifty percent of all Nicaraguans live in extreme poverty

Thirty percent of the population 189,234 live on $2.00 per day or less.

Poverty is the worst in the rural areas.

One third of all households in Nicaragua are led by single mothers.

We are asking you to donate no more than $10.00 per month via Preauthorized Debit (PAD) or Credit Card authorization. 



We are working with an  non government organization (NGO) in Nicaragua called Bridges to Community and they have been instrumental in helping where they can as they have an office in Siuna which is in central Nicaragua.  Sister Juanita is in charge of a religious center, Missionary Sisters in Christ, in a community of Siuna called the Hormiguero.    The nuns have agreed to help to do the screening process of possible recipients. We have also set up with the local bank Lafise, and they have agreed to help with the transfer of funds directly into bank accounts that we set up for the mothers. We have also set up with the Van City credit union to help with the transfer of funds and the receiving of donations. 


We can’t save 8,000,000 children from poverty. We can save a few. They are children of the universe no less than the trees and the stars they have a right to be here. Every child matters. How would it make you feel to know you and your friends just save the life of a child? 

Will you donate $10.00/ month to save the life of a child?